Web development is not only limited to its eye-catching designing. Some functions are mandatory to be taken for its higher rank of the visibility to the search engine. Otherwise, no matter how the good quality content is there in your web, Google will ill-consider your website and will dispatch your website at the end of its pages. For this accomplishment some UK based web designing companies have marketing strategies that works best to help you secure leads for your web design or development business


A Misconception

Many a time SEO and SEM, both the terms are used interchangeably. This is a misconception which leads to chaotic situations. Marketing people should be aware of the differences between the two as both leads to two different services. Because of certain terms and acronyms, marketers should not be left with the misconceptions.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization .In SEO, practices regarding optimization and amplification of the website’s visibility takes place. Keywords are used, makes it easier for search engine to extract information easily. It consists of the practices and steps that makes sure webpages are incorporated with the authentic and relevant information that are search engine friendly. SEO is an enormous industry that has to keep up with Google’s frequently changing algorithms, because of the rapid changes in searching requirements. It involves on-page optimization, in which accomplishment of steps are taken within the website in order to keep the website’s ranking high and shooting up its visibility. In SEO, proper factors and functions are unified that helps the website to appear higher in the search engine.

What is SEM?

SEM is an abbreviation of Search Engine Marketing. SEM is the process which is comprised of two concepts. First, SEO (process of getting traffic) and second is Paid Search Advertising (the traffic which is paid). Factors of SEO is not the only way of ranking your website up and deliverance of perfect results. Another important process i.e. SEM completes the process of boosting up the website’s rank to the top.

The Core difference

Here, if we talk about SEO and SEM, let me tell you that SEO is a basically a subset of SEM. We can consider SEO as a subdivision or a component of a broader category SEM. But the amazing fact is, SEM cannot be accomplished without performing the factors of SEO.


In SEO, searching criteria is based on relevance according to the user’s research, which is often known as ‘Organic Search’. It matches the keywords automatically, where the queries matches the keywords and related titles and headings etc.



Besides here in SEM, searching criteria is based on paid advertisement. Search engine gives actually the priority to paid ads. The payment is paid by owner of the website for incremental visibility and ranking of their website. Therefore paid websites lists are shown up when someone searches for the core keywords in them.



Dependency according to type of need

Another scenario is if there is an immediate need of visibility then PPC campaign is the best option as it takes less time than SEO.

No doubt, SEO’s results are slower than SEM but it proves to be inexpensive than SEM.

Therefore, it can be determined by the website owner for which of the two option will be better for him to select for his website.

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