A brochure is known for its content what it delivers. If it didn’t played the role what it was designed for, you can use it as your kitchen’s baking or frying parchment paper.

There exists some key elements you need to add while going for a brochure design. No matter how stunning the brochure might be looking, if it didn’t affect an inch to your sales, you better go and dump it into the dustbin.

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While designing your brochure assure yourself and checklist the following elements whether they have been a part of your brochure. You can undoubtedly turn your brochure from a paper to a high business marketing and sales weapon.

Noticeable Cover:

It might be possible that your audience won’t pay attention to your brochure if it didn’t grabbed their attention at first glance. Chances are they can be left with no curiosity pique. So, in order to stick their eyes to the brochure, you need to have the opening cover unique with blends of perfect colors, geometrics and designs. Otherwise they won’t open your whole brochure. Strike a powerful headline that they will find pretty helpful.

Gripping content:

No one is interested about to know the forefather history of your business. Therefore, you don’t need to add the past bio-data in ‘About us’ section. Instead, you can add just an “Established in” tagline, as it can trigger them to know about the stability and loyalty of your business. Because mostly people’s perception is ‘The more old the business is, the more trustworthy it is’.  What they will definitely be interested in is “how is your product and service beneficial for them?” You need to keep in mind this query and write a content that will be problem solving for them better than your competitors. You can use illustrations, Smart art, as they will convey better and quicker than words.

Controlling and strong ‘Call to Action’:

You can ultimately make them act, as you want them to. You can make them use your services and contact you. Just add taglines like “Download your free e-book now”,” Get a cookbook for free!”, “Dial our Toll-free number and get your customized package now!” or “Attend our free webinar on www.xyz.com”.

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