In the year 2018, there are social apps which are emerging and are becoming trendiest. This is according to the statistics which shows the increase and the decline in the usage of Social Media Apps.

  • Young people are moving away from Facebook,

According to the stats, 2018 hasn’t been the great year for Facebook because according to them, there is a 5% decrease in the usage of facebook. Young people are leaving facebook and are moving towards Instagram which is luckily the product of Facebook.

  • Twitter usage is declining,

Since 2017, twitter is struggling to add new users. According to twitter, the usage has declined as well as in 2018 there will be more difficulties to add new users to twitter. Twitter is currently facing many difficulties in increasing in users and if the same goes on so it can come to a decline.

  • Snapchat and Instagram are growing,

Snapchat and Instagram have the high number of users especially the young generation. Despite they are to being the favorite social network of 29% of the age group between 12 to 34, Snapchat use still declined recently. Supposedly due to an unfortunate ad involving domestic abuse survivor and celebrity Rihanna, Snapchat shares dropped 5% overnight.